How it works

When you invite your family and friends to AceBy , you will get US$5 cash and they will also receive US$5 cash once they complete any project above US$100 or get hired as a freelance professional . 

Remember: You will both receive your US$5 each when you complete projects totalling US$100 or more. There are not limits to the number of referrals but you are not allowed to spam potential users. 

The minimum cash payout is US$25 and it will be paid to your PayPal or bank account when you click the "Get Paid' button.

The maximum payout for referral program is US$2,500 a month so you can be your own boss by inviting family and friends every month. For example, if the referral program is US$5 per referred user and you generate 510 referred user in a single month, the maximum you can earn is US$2,500 (in cash or AceBy credit). AceBy reserves the right to set a maximum amount of referral cash bonus you can earn per month (or any other time increment) for referring new users to the AceBy platform. It is your responsibility to review the referral program rules for the current maximum limits.

Most importantly: Without correctly creating your account via the referral link, you and your referrer will not receive the cash bonus from the referral program.

Referral Terms & Conditions

Referral cash bonus is not for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove cash bonus if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive or fraudulent. Your cash bonus will not be applied to any already posted job or approved contracts. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals as deemed fair and appropriate. Referral cash bonus can be redeemed for cash or alternate compensation via user payout method; our cash bonus may also be used towards funding a project on AceBy.

Please note that all services must be in compliance with our Terms of Service

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