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Why did I receive this notice?

You have received a notice that your AceBy account may be closed in 30 days because we have become aware of a possible violation of our Terms of Service (TOS). We enforce our TOS in order to provide a safe and trusted platform where freelancers and their employers can hire, pay and receive contracted work with confidence.

AceBy likely became aware of a potential issue due to your low level of employer's satisfaction. Low employer's satisfaction indicates a violation of AceBy TOS for a number of reasons. The TOS requires freelancers to fulfill their contractual obligations to their employers by delivering high-quality work. In addition, the TOS requires you to accurately describe your business, your skills and qualifications, and the services you offer. If your employer's satisfaction score increases, AceBy, in most cases, will understand that you have corrected the issues.

Does this notice restrict my account in any way?

No, this is simply a notice. We value your business and hope you will take this time to re-evaluate your practices to improve your employers’ satisfaction. Your account will be checked in 30 days and may be closed at that time if we continue to see that you are not fulfilling your obligations to your employers, the AceBy community, or AceBy.

What can I do now?

  • Contract obligations come first: When you enter into a contract with your employer, make sure you understand what obligations you are undertaking. Failing to meet employer expectations inevitably results in low employer's satisfaction and/or payment disputes.
  • Only take projects you are qualified for and can deliver on budget and on time: When you accept a contract with your employer, you are promising to deliver certain work at a certain cost and by a certain time.If the scope of the work changes at any time, make sure to update the deadlines in your agreement with the employer to consistently remain on time and budget.
  • Good communication can be key to a good employer-freelancer relationship. Never use abusive or inappropriate language and always behave professionally.

I have 5-star feedback! Why did I receive a notice?

Public feedback is just one of many factors we consider. We also look at disputes and other employer's concerns and complaints, along with a freelancer's entire history on Costopus. 

I had one or two contracts where I didn't receive feedback. Is this why I received this notice? Should I make my employers provide feedback about my business?

We know that you don’t always have control over whether your employers provide feedback. Contracts that end without feedback will not be the only reason you receive a notice.

I had one or two bad contracts because the employer with whom I was working was bad. Why am I being punished for the conduct of another person.?

We understand that bad outcomes can arise from poor employer behavior and we take this and other factors into consideration.

Did I receive a notice because one of my contracts is “paused”?

No, the occasional paused contract on the platform will not result in a notice.

Thank you,

The AceBy Legal Team.

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